New #YOTR track "STRETCH MOMENT" [feat. & prod. by Sythe]

Back at it for June, here is the latest #YOTR17 track. Featuring and produced by my man Sythe, peep STRETCH MOMENT below. Give a like, comment, or burn a CD of it and hug the CD tight.

------ STRETCH MOMENT (ft. Sythe) ------


New #YOTR17 track "WHICHEVER WAY" (ft. Kelvin & Munro of KIDS) [beat by Kelvin]

And here's the latest #YOTR17 track for the month of May (I'm a couple days late posting, I knooow), a wavy spacy banger featuring my dudes Kelvin & Munro of KIDS and it's also produced by Kelvin. Go at it, peep game:

--- WHICHEVER WAY (ft. Kelvin & Munro of KIDS) ---


New #YOTR17 track "ONLY SO MUCH" (ft. Copasetic) [beat by WeezL]

Here we go for the month of April, fresh new track featuring my dude Copasetic and produced by my road dogg DJ WeezL. Stream/DL it right here:

--- ONLY SO MUCH ---



Azrael & Inkspill live @ Falconetti's

Come down to Falconetti's on April 22 to get crunk and celebrate the release of Dirty Mike's new EP 'Cold'. I'll be playing alongside my dude Inkspill also rocking will be Spits N Giggles, Dirty Mike, Space Cadet & Rozmo, Emcee Kavi, & the man DJ C-Lo. Gonna be a fun night, roll though, don't miss it. Check the event page right here:

--- WINTERS OVER Apr. 22 ---

Azrael & Chadio live @ Alexander Gastown

Playing two shows this April, the first being on 4/20 at Alexander Gastown presented by Catch A Vibe alongside my dude Chadio. Come down and get blitzed with us on one of the best days of the year. Also playing is KIDS, Mic Dreams, Wax Monk & more. Check the event page here:
--- CATCH A VIBE 4/20  ---


new YOTR17 track "CLOSE TO IT" [beat by Delf]

...And the ball stays rolling, here is the March #YOTR17 track, produced by Delf (Hong Kong) titled 'CLOSE TO IT'. Stream it, like it, share it. Check it right here:

--- CLOSE TO IT [beat by Delf] ---