2013 update +'Volume Room' recap

     Well, I made it to 2013. Last year was a good one although I made the least amount of music in it since 2002 or 2003. Taking a break was good for me though, I enjoyed stepping back and having other things take rap's place in my everyday life. I feel refocused; something I didn't realize was so good for me until after the fact. Now that my batteries are charged and it's a new year, I'm stoked to put in some work and make some excellent music. I've got two albums to release this year: a solo album titled "Volume Room" produced all by Metawon, and a duo group album with the homie Inkspill called "Mur-Diddly-Urdlers". The ILL-Legitimate squadron & I will be traveling Canada on a summer tour too so look out for that. Seeing as how Volume Room will be out first, let me give a little summary of how the album came together.
photo by jsandsphotography.com
     We did the whole thing in 10 or 12 days spanned over roughly 3 weeks. It was a rush job because Meta and his wifey were moving back to their hometown of Calgary. Time was not on our side but, luckily, I enjoy working with a deadline. We got it in at his apartment on South Granville just a couple blocks from a place Chadio, Guha & I used to rent. Basically everything in it was packed up and ready to go sans the recording equipment and a few pillows - but those could be considered recording equipment too. Over a fair share of joints and Cariboo creme ales (the black cans) we knocked it out one song at a time until my sponge of a brain couldn't wring out another drop. There was one song I had to cut, a solo one, that I felt wasn't up to par but all the songs on here bang. And bang is an apt word to describe it, actually. There are no love ballads. This album has a playful battlelike feel to it. I've got two videos planned and I'm going to start shooting the first one pretty soon.
     Bigg upps to all the MC's who rolled through and dropped on the album. A few of the guests are homies I've never done songs with before so it's been good to get down. Also, bigg upps to the man Metawon for being a pleasure to work with on this and to Aalo Guha for the mastering expertise. Album should be out next month or so courtesy of Shadow Shogun Beats so keep your nose out for the aroma. When MDU is close to dropping I'll write another one of these album recaps - and that one has a lot ot cover! That is all for now, from Havana, Cuba, to Chattanooga, back to Vancouver (and everywhere else), PEACE!

- AdoublesquiggleY

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