Mur-Diddly-Urdlers is now out!

Available now @ phonographique.com! 
Finally, after waiting for many many moons, the album is finally here. "Mur-Diddly-Urdlers" by Azrael & Inkspill is available for free download or by donation courtesy of Phonographique. The album features guest spots from Ashleigh Eymann, Anonymouz, Chadio, Risskant, & Cons plus beats from Ryan Stinson, mikedecline, Sythe, Metawon, & The Dirty Sample as well as cuts by K-Rec, Nicky Ninefingers, & the legendary Kilocee! Whoa! Get it by donation or as a free download right here:
This is an amazing album front to back and a ton of work has been put into it, don't hibernate!

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